Listen To This If You Love Great Music

Listen To This If You Love Great Music


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Listen To This If You Love Great Music: A Critical Curation of 100 Essential Albums

Written By Robin Murray

Robin Murray’s Listen To This If You Love Great Music is a deep dive into the fascinating world of music with the intention of displaying 100 essential albums that are best played aloud. Steering away from the more classic choices Murray offers accessible insight into the slightly obscure records in his collection. Uniquely curated, he provides us with a fresh perspective on the last 40-plus years of music, with everything from politically charged rock and innovative electronica to dreamy shoegaze and hard-hitting hip-hop, there is an ocean of music to revisit or enjoy for the very first time.

Murray’s writing reaffirms your own musical opinions and guides you off the beaten path towards new and exciting genres. Supported with further recommended reading, interesting anecdotes and similar albums, this captivating book is every music lover’s dream.


Dimensions: H: 22.5cm, W: 16.5cm 

Extent: 224 Pages 

Illustrations: Coloured Photography Throughout

ISBN: 9780711256088

Edition: 1st, 2021