Literary Places by Sarah Baxter

Literary Places


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Literary Places

by Sarah Baxter

illustrated by Amy Grimes


One of the Inspired Traveller's Guides, Literary Places takes you on an enlightening journey through the key locations of literature’s best and brightest authors, movements and moments – brought vividly to life through comprehensively researched text and colourful full-page hand-drawn artwork by Amy Grimes that instantly transports you to each location.

Travel journalist Sarah Baxter has written extensively on travel for a diverse range of publications, including the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Independent newspapers. She has also contributed to more than a dozen Lonely Planet guidebooks. In Literary Places, Sarah provides comprehensive and atmospheric outlines of the history and culture of 25 literary places around the globe, as well as how they intersect with the lives of the authors and the works that make them significant. You’ll find that these places are not just backdrops to the tales told, but characters in their own right.

Travel to the sun-scorched plains of Don Quixote’s La Mancha, roam the wild Yorkshire moors with Cathy and Heathcliff, or view Central Park through the eyes of J.D. Salinger’s antihero. Explore the lush and languid backwaters of Arundhati Roy’s Kerala, the imposing precipice of Joan Lindsay’s Hanging Rock and the labyrinthine streets and sewers of Victor Hugo’s Paris.

Delve into this book to discover some of the world’s most fascinating literary places and the novels that celebrate them.

Edition: 1st edition, 2019

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:21cm, W:14cm, D:2.2cm

Extent: 144 pages

Illustrations: 60 colour illustrations

ISBN-10: 1781318107, ISBN-13: 978-1781318102