One: Pot, Pan, Planet

One: Pot, Pan, Planet


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One: Pot, Pan, Planet

By Anna Jones

Photography by Issy Crocker

One: Pot, Pan, Planet combines the ease of all-in-one dinners with ethical and environmentally conscious practices with over 200 indulgent, vegetarian recipes spanning many global traditions. Anna Jones guides you through the small but impactful changes you can make in the kitchen to help you eat healthily whilst being mindful of the planet.

These recipes will fill your kitchen with the scent of varied, seasonal dishes such as Saag Aloo Shepherds Pie, Green Pepper & Pistachio Risotto and Squash & Ginger Noodle Soup leaving you nourished all year long, whilst the pages on planning and shopping help to encourage conscious consumption. Alongside this, she embraces seasonal British ingredients, reduces wastage, and uses leftovers in many of her recipes. Peppered with suggestions of simple lifestyle changes such as using beeswax wraps to store food and advice on making the most of vegetables which often end up wasted, this book is as much a cookbook as it is a realistic and accessible guide and introduction to a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle rooted in the way we shop and eat.


One: Pot, Pan, Planet


Number of pages: 329

Dimensions: H: 25.3cm , W: 20cm, D: 3cm

ISBN: 9780008172480