Orchard: A Year in England's Eden

Orchard: A Year in England's Eden


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Orchard: A Year in England's Eden

By Benedict McDonald and Nicholas Gates

Go on an exploration of England's orchards through the seasons with two of the UK’s avid naturalists, as they unveil the delights and wonders to be seen through one of the country’s nature hotspots, and how it sees a symbiosis of man and nature benefitting. All seen through a single ancient orchard which is kept anonymous to protect its invaluable biosphere.

A literary exploration of this most treasured and valuable habitat, that starts of with a brief history of the orchard and its ancient beginnings in the world’s largest land-locked countries, and the surprising origins of the world’s first orchard cultivators. The enchanting orchard is then explored through the months of the year, as the flora and fauna react to the changing conditions in dynamic shifts that lead to some great spectacles.

The woodpecker’s original nest-building abilities are explained through the lens of it doing its tasks reliably without incurring an injury. Along with a variety of other birds and how they interact. Such as the woodpeckers recent rise being caused by the loss of starlings, as their ground prey becomes scarce and they no longer evict woodpeckers from their burrows. Plus hornets and their key role in the food chain, and badgers foraging in the autumn for fallen apples.

The lessons to be learned from this orchard, and how modern orchards are ecological dead zones in dire need of innovation if they are to support wildlife and save some of our most critically endangered species. Step inside all those who love nature, natural history, and the English countryside.


Extent: 356pp

Dimensions: H:24cm, W:15.9cm, D:2.6cm

ISBN-10: 0008333734; ISBN-13: 978-0008333737

Edition: Illustrated, August 2020