Ottolenghi: Plenty More

Ottolenghi: Plenty More


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Ottolenghi: Plenty More

By Yotam Ottolenghi

Exploring the world of vegetables further, Ottolenghi takes the avid and curious on a journey of discovery, showing how to get the absolute best from your humble vegetables. As vegetables start to play a main role in dishes, as opposed to their more historical position as a side dish, this book is in a prime position to lead the way forward. Vegetables might be the focus, but attention is also given to legumes and grains for a more expansive range of vegetarian options.

Plenty More focuses on cooking methods, whether that be tossed, simmered, braised, blanched, mashed, baked, boiled, and many more besides. Step inside to discovery more innovative ways to get the most out of your culinary experiences, with 150 dishes to choose from.

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Extent: 352pp

Illustrations: Fully illustrated

Dimensions: H:28cm, W:20cm, D:3.2cm

ISBN-10 : 9780091957155; ISBN-13 : 978-0091957155

Edition: Illustrated, September 2014