Paul McCartney: The Lyrics

Paul McCartney: The Lyrics


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Paul McCartney offers an extraordinary insight into his life where, for the most part, his song lyrics act in place of a diary when recalling events from the past. Two volumes span the entirety of McCartney’s life, covering his childhood compositions and the decade of The Beatles, to Wings and his solo career. 

Arranged alphabetically rather than chronologically, The Lyrics presents a ‘kaleidoscopic’ account of the life of one of the greatest songwriters of all time. With never before seen photos, drafts, letters and photographs, this visual record feels both unique and personal, a real self-portrait in song.

2 volumes with case
Dimensions: H: 32.5cm, W: 24.8cm, D: 90cm
ISBN: 9780241519332
Number of pages: 912
Weight: 4300g
Publisher: Allen Lane, Penguin Books Ltd