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Roses: A Celebration in Botanical Art

by Rosie Sanders

In this very personal book, award-winning and hugely popular artist Rosie Sanders showcases the beauty of the rose in her follow up to Flowers. Over 80 stunning paintings and sketches are shown for the first time, their titles evoking the passions of poetry and literature rather than the botanical identification of their subject.

The artist writes a personal letter on each of her expressive rose paintings (to be given unopened to the final recipient or buyer of the painting). Many of these personal letters sit alongside the paintings, as they explain the creative and emotional process she went through to create it. The book is a revealing insight into the artist’s muse and the author’s sketches and drawings are also included to show the full artistic process.

The book is introduced by an extended essay on the resonance of the rose – all across the world – in our art, literature, poetry, folklore and gardens. The rose emblem is timeless and this book not only celebrates its beauty in art but tells the story of the rose as one of nature’s most powerful motifs.

Rosie Sanders is an innovative and contemporary botanical artist internationally celebrated for her her striking and very large paintings of flowers in watercolour. Her work has been displayed in many galleries, in the UK and abroad. She has also been awarded five Gold medals by the Royal Horticultural Society and won the Royal Academy miniature award.

Rosie is self-taught and currently lives and works in Devon where she also runs botanical painting courses.

Edition: 1st edition, 2016

Binding: Hardback

Extent: 144 pages

Dimensions: H:31.2cm, W:25.1cm, D:2cm

ISBN-10: 1849945527, ISBN-13: 978-1849945523