The Edwardians and Their Houses by Timothy Brittain-Catlin

The Edwardians and Their Houses


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The Edwardians and Their Houses: The new life of old England

by Timothy Brittain-Catlin

Castle Drogo in Devon, designed by the Edwardian architect Edwin Lutyens, is seen as the last castle built in England. What replaced these earlier fortifications was a range of domestic architecture that was both innovative and highly sophisticated.

Edwardian buildings responded to the new needs of a changing society and reflected a leading political circle (the then Liberal Party) that commissioned building extensively and lavishly. The influence of such architecture rippled through the arts and across the nation.

Timothy Brittain-Catlin is an academic (Kent School of Architecture, University of Canterbury) and a practising architect. In The Edwardians and their Houses he traces how from the mid-1970s ‘embarrassment at the indulgence and eclecticism of the period started to wane’, to the point now when Edwardian architecture is admired for its inventiveness and catholic borrowing from earlier styles.

Brittain-Catlin affords remarkable insight not only into the architecture produced, from Cambridge colleges and country houses to estate buildings and town planning, but also into the society for whom it was intended. Divided into four main chapters, the book strides through the era in a scholarly but enlightening style. The accompanying illustrations comprise lavish photographs of buildings, but also idiosyncratic details such as newel posts and door handles.


First edition, 2020

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ISBN-10 1848222688; ISBN-13 9781848222687