The Flightless Traveller

The Flightless Traveller


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The Flightless Traveller

By Emma Gregg

Step into a world in which the possibility is realised of never needing a plane to travel around our planet again.  Emma Gregg introduces the concept of travelling wisely, from considering the impact that your journeys have on the planet at large to the ways in which you can derive great pleasure from this mode of travel.

Split up into the types of trips one can take, from city escapes to transcontinental voyages, journeys by sea and rail are also explored, along with slower journeys by foot, going cross-country in some of Europe’s most stunning vistas. Make the journey itself part of the holiday experience, travelling smartly by making stops along the way and taking in some of the culture between home and your destination.

It will lead to experiences you never thought of having but that will nonetheless be enriching. Within one will also find an appreciation of the simplicity in planning this style of journey, with the logistics being no more complex than that of travelling by air.


Extent: 256

Illustrations: Photographs

Dimensions: H:24.8cm, W:19.4cm, D:2.6cm

ISBN-13 : 978-1529410723