The Camping Life

The Camping Life


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The Forager's Calendar

By Brendan Leonard and Forest Woodward

This visually stunning guide to camping and its many forms is sure to inspire and fuel your own adventures. Starting with Brendan Leonard’s initial call for us to get back into the wild, and away from the bustle of modern life, he gives us a quote which sounds contemporary; but was in fact written in 1901 when back even then some minds thought life was becoming too busy, and that “going to the mountains [was] going home”.

A plethora of different ways to get around is showcased, with the guide’s main focus being on styles of camping - not just in a tent, but camping in all its forms, whether that be ultralight backpacking or in a campervan, or even through the new phenomena of “glamping”. Useful information is provided on what to take with you, and a sprinkle of example destinations are provided to try out these different styles of camping.

This eye-catching book is sure to make a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, from those with little experience in need of a little help, to the more seasoned adventurer. An enchanting book with absolutely stunning photography, but also one that breaks the illusions of the romanticism of camping, preparing would-be campers for the realities they may face – and the rewards that come hand in hand.


Extent: 224

Illustrations: Photographs

Dimensions: H:23.4m, W:18.4cm, D:1.9cm

ISBN-13: 978-1579658434