The Garden: Elements and Style

The Garden: Elements and Style


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The Garden: Elements and Style

by Toby Musgrave

Familiar from his success with BBC radio 4’s The British Garden and his remarkably popular book Green Escapes, Toby Musgrave has turned his attention in his latest book, The Garden, to the design and style elements which make notable gardens so particularly remarkable. Drawing on encyclopaedic knowledge, Toby has written concise but fascinating text to accompany glorious photographs of over 200 gardens from all over the world. On one hand he offers fascinating, historical insight into the components of iconic gardens from the past, while on the other analysis of ground-breaking contemporary designs.

Alphabetically arranged, this compendium covers such conventional features as an Arts and Crafts Garden and Auricular Theatre, right the way through to less familiar descriptions such as Quincunx and Xeriscape gardens. The Garden is a compelling coffee table book for any gardener or historian, but it is also a reference book for designers and stylists who want to put a living image to interesting terminology.


First edition, October 2020

Dimensions: H:32.6cm, W:27.9cm, D:3.2cm

Extent: 304pp

Illustrations: Fully illustrated

ISBN-10 1838660763; ISBN-13 1838660765