The Great Dixter Cookbook


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The Great Dixter Cookbook: Recipes from an English Garden

By Aaron Bertelsen

Great Dixter is world famous for its beautiful garden. As the family home of the gardener and garden writer Christopher Lloyd, it is not the extraordinary house but the vegetable garden and the orchard which feature in The Great Dixter Cookbook.

Celebrating homegrown seasonal produce, Great Dixter's vegetable gardener and cook, Aaron Bertelsen, continues to nurture Lloyd's inspiring philosophy ('garden and kitchen, gardener and cook') through a collection of 70 sumptuous recipes. From a very English Blackberry Fool,  to a colourful Tomato Tart, Beetroot and Chocolate Cake, and a very tender Slow-cooked Shoulder of Lamb, this is hearty, wholesome food which will satisfy both the tastebuds and provide a culinary solution to the glut of produce from the veg patch. 

Whether you've visited Great Dixter, and are seeking new recipes to enjoy the product of all your hard work in the garden, or just a keen cook big on heartwarming, comfort food, then this book will delight. 

Illustrated with mouthwatering photographs by Andrew Montgomery.

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Dimensions: H: 2.7cm W: 20.5cm D: 27cm

Extent: 240 Pages 

Illustrations: Color photographs throughout 

Edition: 1st Edition, 2020 

ISBN: 9780714874005