The Italian Deli Cookbook

The Italian Deli Cookbook


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The Italian Deli Cookbook

By Theo Randall, Photography by Lizzie Mayson

The Italian Deli Cookbook is a celebration of Italian food, but more importantly the ingredients that make Italian food special. Historically, delicatessens were a lifeline for many Italians missing the food of their homeland, now they house a multitude of interesting and unusual ingredients that will elevate your cooking, offering it an unrivaled taste of Italy. From Artichoke risotto to Tuna carpaccio with fennel and lemon, you will never be stuck for ideas with this book in your cupboard! 


Dimensions: H: 24.6cm, W: 16.7cm, D: 2.8cm

Number of pages: 256

Weight: 950g

ISBN: 9781787135963