The Little Book of Colour

The Little Book of Colour


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The Little Book of Colour: How to Use Psychology of Colour to Transform your Life

By Karren Haller

This stunning book will reveal the secrets of how you can use colour to stimulate the senses, enhancing your home and work environments, along with the objects found in them, including clothing.

The book explores topics from how colour affects us in ways we do not consciously realise, to how we can better express ourselves with colour, projecting our personalities more effectively on the parts of the world we call our own. Starting with the science of colour - detailing the how and why we see it – Karren Haller goes on to deconstruct this world and how colours affect our mood and well-being. Learn from this carefully designed book about an amazing world that surrounds us, yet perhaps up until now has remained obscure. 

When it comes to colour and its usage, few are better placed to speak of it than Karren Haller. Calling upon 20 years of experience, she has practiced applying the theories of colour psychology with a mind to making us all think about the ways that we can use colour to boost our well-being.

Format: Hardback

Edition: 1st, 2019

Extent: 272

Illustrations: Coloured photographs

Dimensions: H:18.29cm, W:13.3cm, D:2.4cm

ISBN-13:  978-0241352854