Agent Sonya

Agent Sonya


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Agent Sonya

By Ben Macintyre

This book is no fiction; it is the true, captivating, and, to the English mind, perhaps one of the most curious of stories to come out of the Second World War.  Part of it takes place right in the middle of the English countryside, in none other than idyllic Oxfordshire.

Take what you thought you knew about the spy rings and power games of the Second World War and Cold War, and put it to one side to consider this account of a most extraordinary and well-travelled of wartime women. Perhaps there is something to be said about the ingenuity of Soviet intelligence, but there is everything to be said for the drive this woman demonstrated in being able to infiltrate and assume a seemingly innocuous and quintessential role in a foreign country, under the guise of countryside mother who was transmitting highly sensitive intelligence directly back to Moscow.  A story that will astonish its readers as much as finding sympathy within them for this most nuanced and tumultuous of stories.

Ben Macintyre is an author and historian, born in Oxfordshire, who has for years delivered some of the most riveting works of late-industrial conflicts, capturing the essence of the human spirit in the midst of chaos.

Hardback, jacket

Extent: 400 pages

Dimensions: H:24cm, W:16.2cm, D:4cm

Illustrations: two sections of the book consisting of multiple plates to bring the story and its characters.

ISBN-13: 978-0-24140-850-6