Venice: A Sketchbook Guide

Venice: A Sketchbook Guide


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Venice: A Sketchbook Guide

By Matthew Rice

Venice is unparalleled, its early trading prowess gave it political and financial influence, and over the centuries a unique civilization arose from the Lagoon, grandstanding some of the greatest art and architecture from the Byzantine to the Rococo periods.

And so to Venice, in the wake of 18th-century Grand Tourists and later American visitors (favourites of Henry James), went Matthew Rice, with his slightly eccentric painting equipment and idiosyncratic approach. He emersed himself in every aspect of Venice, the history, culture, and a way of life that remains as contemporary and vibrant as anything described by Canaletto, and he created Venice: A Sketchbook Guide.

Erudite but light in style, Rice’s text embraces everything from the fishing industry and carnivals to Murano glass and the Venetian Renaissance. But it is his paintings of buildings, as anyone familiar with his books on architecture will know, that catch one’s breath. Not just the views of Palladio’s mannerist masterpieces or the scintillating façade of St Marco, but more tellingly the detailed styling of secret gems spotted down minor canals – the picturesque beauty of stucco falling away to reveal ancient brickwork, of patinated gothic stonework, or easily missed but evocative flared chimneys.

Europe has seemed more distant recently, so enjoy the escapism afforded on every page of this remarkable sketchbook, but be aware, as Rice points out, 'in Venice the lions are watching…'.

Format: Hardback in form of artist's sketchbook, complete with elastic

Dimension: H:13.5cm, W:20.8cm, D:2cm

Pages: 208

Illustrations: Fully colour illustrated

ISBN:- 10: 0241464838

ISBN:- 13: 978-0241464830