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Wanderlust: The World’s 500 Most Unforgettable Travel Destinations.

By Sabina Trojanova.

It is fair to say after a year without the possibility of travelling, we have all been consumed by wanderlust. Anywhere other than our sitting room would be an adventure at this point! Well, this travel guide from Sabina Trojanova is perfect for quelling that burning lust for adventure. Categorised into elements of modern interest, from tropical beaches to adrenaline pumping mountain tops, there is a destination for everyone.

From front to back, this book is packed with tips on where to go depending on the season, as well as what to bring if it is your first time going. Travelling to a far-off place can be daunting at first, yet Trojanova’s soothing guidance makes it seem a walk in the park. She details everything from how to do it on a budget to where to try the local cuisine. Separated into six accessible sections titled; Beach escapes, Urban Jungle, Cultural Immersions, Spaces to roam, Conscious Travelling and Postcards from the edge, Trojanova opens our eyes to the endless options just outside our door.

Accompanying the various locations are genuine quotes from intrepid travellers and simply stunning photography, giving you a taste of what could be. Whether you are looking to sip pina coladas at the beach or unleash your inner nomad, you can find advice on how to do so within this brilliant compendium, covering more than 500 destinations.

Binding: Hardback

Extent: 320 pages

Illustrations: Photos

Dimensions: H: 21cm, W: 17cm D: 2.8cm 

ISBN: 9780062981035