Weaving: Contemporary Makers on the Loom by Katie Treggiden



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Weaving: Contemporary Makers on the Loom

by Katie Treggiden


Weaving is an ancient craft with a fascinating history, and one that keeps evolving. Today it is being revitalised by modern designers, artists and craftspeople. From rugs and wall hangings to artistic installations and subversive interventions, contemporary expressions of the craft are as diverse as they are numerous.

A feast for the eye, this book celebrates contemporary weaving and its makers, presenting glimpses into the worlds of 21 weavers. Alexandra Kehayoglou designs breath-taking natural landscapes, Daniel Harris makes textiles for famous clothing brands using nineteenth-century looms and Brent Wadden weaves beautiful, museum-standard fabrics. The book includes beautiful images of their studios, work and inspiration.

In six in-depth and thematic essays, interspersed amongst the profiles, design expert and journalist Katie Treggiden also explores the craft, its history and the many faces of its current revival, including future possibilities.

This is a thoughtful book that reveals the beauty of woven textile art and craft together with the intriguing perspectives and inspirations of its makers.

Edition: 1st, 2018

Binding: Hardcover

Extent: 240 pages

Dimensions: 27.3cm, W:22.1cm, D:2.5cm

ISBN-10: 9491819895, ISBN-13: 978-9491819896