Wilderness Chef

Wilderness Chef


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Wilderness Chef

By Ray Mears

Ray Mears is a well-placed authority on this topic, a real outdoorsman, bringing together his knowledge collected on food in his travels around the world into this cohesive edition. A master of bushcraft and communicating his love for this subject, at the heart of his trips has always been food and the intrigues of its preparation.

In his own words, one will realise how with some forethought and imagination, we could “eat like kings in the outdoors”. His knowledge when it comes to tribes of the rainforests and central Australia comes into its own, with practical tips on from their cultures in setting up your own outdoor kitchen, lighting a fire, cooking in different styles, and even how to construct a ground oven and fabricate a grill from sticks.

Even if you are not in the wilderness, you will still be able to bring these traditional cooking styles into your own home. A surprising range of foods to be made, from obscure snacks to the more familiar, including chilli con carne and bolognaise, but with a wild spin. A great gift for those who are inclined to combine a love of cooking with the outdoors.

Paperback with sleeve

Extent: 272

Illustrations: Photographs

Dimensions: H:23.5m, W:19cm, D:2.2cm

ISBN-13: 978-1844865826