The Grand Tour: The Golden Age of Travel

The Grand Tour: The Golden Age of Travel


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The Grand Tour: The Golden Age of Travel

Marc Walters and Sabine Arqué

The Grand Tour started in the late 18th-century, almost as a rite of passage for young English aristocrats, sent abroad to be ‘finished’ amid the classical ruins and artistic atmosphere of The Continent. By the 19th century the concept continued, but in an altered form, and the idea of travelling rather further afield took hold. This book revels in the years from 1869 - 1939, seventy years of ‘the Golden Age of Travel’ which happily coincides with the finessing of photography.

Superbly illustrated, this large format book is packed with eclectic images ranging from highly stylish travel posters, menus, and tickets, to numerous fascinating photocroms - original black and white negatives that have been processed as colour images, which have the ability of bringing the past to life.

The result is the ultimate in first class, armchair travel: page after lavish page will transport you on varied passages: to Europe, right the way through to the New World and Africa, via Russia and the Far East. Forms of transport are as diverse as the famously luxurious Orient Express, Trans-Siberian Railway or the fragile-looking flights of Imperial Airways, reserved for the intrepid.

A tri-lingual volume in English, German and French, The Grand Tour may also improve your grasp of the lingua franca for future journeys!



Format: Hardback, jacket, blue end papers

Dimensions: H:35cm, W:26cm, D:5.5cm

Weight: 3.9kg

Extent: 616pp, thick, cream paper

Illustrations: 616, full colour

ISBN: 10 3836585073; ISBN: 13  978 38365485071

Edition: 1st edition, 2021