Driftwood Petal Bowls, one inside the other

Driftwood Petal Bowls


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Curved slices of driftwood branches have been melded together rather like the unfurling petals of a flower into an artistic structure that has function as a bowl. This individual bowl is substantial, and deserves to be placed somewhere central, so the water-worn edged, natural wood can be admired from every angle.

This beautiful bowl, crafted by hand from driftwood of the Molave Tree (Vitex parviflora), has an elegant rusticity that will suit both modern and traditional country style interiors.

Available in two sizes.

Material: Vitex parviflora


Small – H:23cm, Dia:40cm
Large – H:30cm, Dia:61cm


Please note: Due to the individuality of these pieces, no two are exactly the same.