Emerald Glazed Honey Vase

Emerald Green Glazed Honey Vases


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The saturated, intensely coloured glaze of this emerald green rotund vase with its broad horizontal ribs makes it a statement piece. Fill its wide, rimless mouth with a seasonal display of blooms or simply leave it gloriously empty!

Each Honey Vase has been fired at a high temperature, giving it a natural strength and durability. With hand-dipped glazing, timeless colour and exclusive finish, the Honey Vase is a piece of art in any home.

Available in four sizes, with the largest being a shapely tall vase. Perfect for mixing and matching!

Colour: Emerald Green

Finish: Glazed

Dimensions (approx.):

  • 14cm – H:14cm, Dia:20cm
  • 16cm – H:16cm, Dia:23cm
  • 22cm – H:22cm, Dia:30cm
  • 44cm (vase shaped) – H:44cm, Dia:27cm

Material: Clay, fired at 1000°C (1830°F)

Drainage hole: No

Note: This is a handmade item, so dimensions and colours may vary.