Floral Decoration boxes (extra small)

Extra Small Floral Decoration Boxes


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Imperfectly perfect, these Extra Small Floral Decoration Boxes are quite the statement considering their size. Handmade out of papier maché and hand decorated in the region of Kashmir, these tiny boxes overflow with traditional Indian creative expression. Each individual bonbonnière is embellished by a skilled artisan, resulting in these beautiful paisley motifs and floral ornamentation.

With each one being hand painted, we see upon the boxes, not imperfections, but charming reminders of the handmade excellence. Such irregularities give each box a sense of personality, making each one beautifully unique. Ideal for holding jewellery, or perhaps a gorgeous gift to be stuffed with delicious sweets!

Dimensions: H:5cm Dia:8cm

Materials: Papier maché 

Each pattern, being hand painted, may vary from the image.