Glass Vase on Driftwood Stand Small

Glass Vase on Driftwood Stand Small


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Created from a cluster of supporting and enveloping driftwood branches, melded together into an artistic structure, this individual vase is topped with a round, glass bowl that has been mouth-blown. Use as a vase, fruitbowl or planter, or fill with a string of lights at festive times.

This interesting vase has an elegant rusticity that will suit both modern and traditional country style interiors. It deserves to be placed somewhere central, so the worn, natural wood can be admired from every angle. As it is made from branches rather than one lump of wood, it appears to have a lightness about it and will not dominate a room.

Please note, due to the individuality of these pieces, no two are exactly the same.

H:33cm, Dia:23.5cm