Gold Dots Glass Tray

Gold Dots Glass Tray


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The contemporary design hand painted onto the wooden base of this circular glass tray is cool and sophisticated; it is also bright and full of the promise of summer. As a result, the tray will be especially attractive holding clinking glasses full of ice, lemon and the drink of your choice (it is sturdy and easy to carry). If not being used for serving drinks, the tray will bring a touch of elegance to a sideboard or coffee table.

Combining utilitarian practicality with sheer luxury, it is also environmentally ethical.


Material: Recycled, painted wood with glass top; two side handles cut into wooden edge

Size: Dia: 48cm; H: 4cm

Weight: 2kg

Care:  Wipe the surface with glass cleaner and soft cloth. Remove spills immediately to prevent staining.

Due to their handmade nature, each tray will vary slightly.