Grow Art Doll

Grow Art Doll


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This fascinating Grow Art Doll has been exquisitely handmade by skilled artisans using recycled and repurposed materials. Dressed in a vibrant, floral fabric and adorned with jewelled earrings, this is eye-catching artistry like no other.

Extending the floral theme is the natural headpiece which reaches out from the dolls head. Rich with life, exotic birds perch amongst the tree’s branches, whilst an embroidered snake gracefully winds throughout the tree. All this decoration has been sewn, beaded, and embroidered by hand. 

Place upon a shelf for a touch of colour, or perhaps use as a distinctive centrepiece on a coffee table.

Dimensions: H: 80cm, W: 30cm, D: 20cm 

Materials: Recycled Fabric, Cotton, Beads, and Gravel

Note: Because the Art Dolls are handmade, sizes and features will vary.