Medium Ceramic Guinea Fowls in Grey and Black

Medium Ceramic Guinea Fowls


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These ceramic guinea fowls have always been a favourite of ours. Beautifully assorted and different each time, they help to bring a fun quirky twist to your kitchen table. In fact, they fly out to different homes as quickly as they flew in!

The guinea fowls are all handmade and crafted in Lussan, France. Born from the imagination of a young French pottery maker, it took a long time for them to perfect the form of these ceramic animals, whether it be from their ideal shape or the construction and smoothing of the pottery. The delicate painting and glazing finish off the masterpiece perfectly.

Please choose from the following available colours:

  • Grey and Black
  • Green and Brown
  • Blue and Black
  • Beige and White
  • Brown and Yellow
  • White and Brown
  • Brown and Turquoise
  • Grey and Brown
  • Blue and Brown
  • Green and Blue
  • Grey and Blue

Please note that not all colours shown in pictures are always in stock. If you desire a particular colour not listed above then please contact our Interiors Department on 01993 823117.

Dimensions: approximately 25 x 20cm

Please note that these ceramic guinea fowls are all different, so there may be some variations in colours and patterns.