Midnight Chevron Glass Tray

Midnight Chevron Glass Tray


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The midnight blue against maroon chevron pattern in the glass base of this circular tray appears understated but is highly sophisticated. The chevron design decorated pottery in Knossos, Crete, nearly to thousand years B.C. and has been used on artefacts in the two millennia since. Here it is used to great effect in a stylised, almost Pop Art form. Place this luxurious glass tray as a focal point on a coffee table or use the stylish handles in the rim and fulfil its practical purpose as a sturdy method for carrying food and drink.

Combining utilitarian practicality with sheer luxury, this tray is also environmentally ethical.




Material: Recycled, painted wood with glass top; two side handles cut into wooden edge

Size: Dia: 61cm; H: 4cm

Weight: 4.25kg

Care:  Wipe the surface with glass cleaner and soft cloth. Remove spills immediately to prevent staining.

Due to their handmade nature, each tray will vary slightly.