Bio Wooden Ground Fireplace with Smoked Oak Legs

Bio Wooden Ground Fireplace with Smoked Oak Legs


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Gracefully poised atop three beautifully handcrafted smoked oak legs, this stunning oval fireplace offers a fresh take on a timeless classic. The unique minimalist design has been inspired by the beautiful Danish concept of Hygge, meaning to create warmth, connection, and wellbeing. Flaunting an elegant simplicity, we think this piece captures exactly that.

Distinctive to this fireplace is its eco – friendly fuel consumption. Rather than using traditional fuels, full of harmful emissions, it uses bioethanol, a sustainable spirit, produced from biomass. Smokeless and odourless, it is a great alternative to most widely used fuel types. Standing strong in a sitting room this fireplace really becomes a topic of conversation, not only for its distinctive design but for its ethicality too.

A simple design for a simple pleasure; you will quickly find yourself embracing those cosy nights in front of the fire more and more.

Dimensions: Total Height: 114cm; Dome - H: 35cm, W: 52cm, D: 49cm; Burner - H: 7.5cm, W: 20cm, D: 24cm; Legs - H: 79cm, Diameter: 3.2cm

Materials: Dome - 2.3mm S235 Steel, high heat resistant paint; Burner - SS304 Stainless steel, brushed ceramic fibre; Legs - Danish smoked oak

Weight: 20.3kg 

Colour: Matte black with smoked oak legs

Fuel Type: Bioethanol (minimum 95% pure)

Fuel consumption: up to 0.3 litres/hour

Fuel Volume: 1.5 litre

Heat production: 3kW

Safety instructions: We highly recommend going through the user manual provided for all safety and care instructions

Suitable for use indoors and outdoors under cover.