Pooky Howard Table Lamp

Howard Table Lamp


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As a classicly designed piece, the Howard Table Lamp has an elegant but bold silhouette in a beautiful stone-coloured glazed finish. With a lovely pedigree, the glaze has deliberately been left off at the top and base of the lamp, revealing the raw terracotta beneath, giving it a slightly rustic feel.

Beautiful in any interiors, and particularly special against natural brick walls or dark backgrounds.


Please note: Lampshade is not included.


Dimensions: H:38cm, W:20cm
Fitting: This lamp takes a standard B-22 lightbulb, and has a push bar switch.
Flex cable: A three-core flex coated in olive green gabric.

Please note: To reduce the risk of damage to your lighting purchases, we always arrange for separate delivery for Pooky lighting orders.