Empire Straight Shade in Egg & Spoon Ikat St. Clements

Empire Straight Shade in Egg & Spoon Ikat St. Clements


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Printed onto lightweight billowy silk in an ikat design of summery two-toned hues - closely resembling the silhouette of an egg and spoon, hence its title - the high quality material has been gathered into folds on the shade itself, adding a charming texture and dimension. The Straight Empire lamp shades are a variation on the classic Empire, however with a wider top and steeper sides, which lends it its contemporary edge.

According to the V&A, the term ‘ikat’ stems from the Malay word ‘mengikat’, meaning to ‘tie or to bind’. Considered an ancient type of resist dyeing, the ikat method consists of individual yarns being bound with a tight wrapping in the desired pattern, then dyed before proceeding to unwrap and weave into cloth. For a more complex, multicoloured pattern the binding process may be repeated several times. 

A popular choice for a table or reading lamp, these trendy shades guarantee a sumptuously soft and diffused light.  

Available in the following sizes:

  • 35cm 
  • 40cm 
  • 45cm 
  • 50cm
  • Dimensions:
    35cm: H: 24cm x Shade Top: 25cm x Shade Base: 35cm
    40cm: H: 27.5cm x Shade Top: 28cm x Shade Base: 40cm
    45cm: H: 31.5cm x Shade Top: 31cm x Shade Base: 45cm
    50cm: H: 35cm x Shade Top: 34.5cm x Shade Base: 50cm

  • Printed on silk, gathered, and taped
  • Fitting: All shades require an E27 fitting with a B22 adapter

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