Pooky Fogarty Table Lamp, Cobalt Blue (lalmpshade not included)

Pooky Fogarty Table Lamps


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Furnished with a beguiling silhouette, these table lamps also introduce a flash of strong, rich colour to an interior. The design of the lamps is based on the traditional gourd shape but with elegantly attenuated necks, which flare into a wide curve at the base, so they combine serpentine beauty with practicality (they are stable). Beneath the high gloss surface, the single colour glaze is joyously rich and deep, recalling Moroccan ceramics found in far-flung souks.

This beautiful lamp is a classic, in time change the lampshades you choose and it will illuminate dark corners of your house for years to come.

Availalble in three colours:

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Mootard Yellow
Please note the lampshade is not included.

Material: Highly glazed cermic base, felted base to protect surfaces

Dimensions: H:51cm, W:20cm (at widest point)

Fitting: Standard B22 bayonet lightbulb

Flex: Olive green single core flex

Please note: To reduce the risk of damage to your lighting purchases, we always arrange for separate delivery for Pooky lighting orders.