Pooky Tall Tapered Marbled Shade - Golden Piave - 30cm

Pooky Tall Tapered Marbled Shade Golden Piave


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Marbling is back! This striking marbled lampshade adds an inspiring texture to your home and when lit creates a soft glow.

The technique of marbling has been around for centuries, and we are seeing this once again being used as a fascinating pattern in our homes and fashion. We just love how this ancient craft has been used to create these unique modern shades, so you can add a bold pop of colour in your home.

To create these beautifully and interesting shades, paints and oils are carefully dropped onto thickened water and are then 'raked' and 'stretched' to create the pattern. The paper is then slowly laid on top and, once imprinted, removed from the liquid and dried. No two pieces of paper will be the same.


  • 14cm - Height: 13cm; Base size: 14cm; Top size: 11.5cm
  • 25cm - Height: 23cm; Base size: 25cm; Top size: 20cm
  • 30cm - Height: 28cm; Base size: 30cm; Top size: 24.5cm

Fabric: Handmade Marbled Paper
Pattern: Marbled
Fitting: E27 fitting with B22 adapter

Please note: To reduce the risk of damage to your lighting purchases, we always arrange for separate delivery for Pooky lighting orders.