Pooky Wisteria Table Lamp - Green

Wisteria Table Lamp in Turquoise Glass


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The simplicity and versatility of the Wisteria Table Lamp makes it a valuable lighting accessory, and probably why it is one of Pooky's bestsellers.

The bluey green clear glass vase, sitting in a solid brass base, lends a timeless and sophisticated edge. As Pooky themselves point out, with a glass lamp you can create a subtle or showy, contemporary or classic look. It's all dependent, of course, on whether you choose a plain shade to complement and highlight the elegant silhouette and beauty of the glass, or partner with a vivid or flamboyant shade for a full-on statement piece. Whichever you choose, we think the classic, yet uncomplicated design of the Wisteria Lamp will stand the test of time.


Material: Glass, Brass base

Colour: Bluey/Green

Flex: Olive green braided three core silk flex

H:39cm x W:15cm

This lamp will fit the standard B22 bayonet lightbulb

Please note: To reduce the risk of damage to your lighting purchases, we always arrange for separate delivery for Pooky lighting orders.