Baobab Candle Trano Mabhoga - Large

Baobab Candle Trano Mabhoga


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The Mabhoga candle has such appeal thanks to its unique design. Wearing a jacket of raffia, hand-crocheted by women artisans in Madagascar, the jagged, geometric pattern extends over the entire candle and is inspired by South African tribal designs of house roofs painted by Ndebele women. The ochre colour in particular is influenced by Ndebele art, which traditionally features the pigment.

Named after the chief of the Ndebele tribe, this candle is contemporary and very edgy. You can keep the glass jar after use as it's a lovely decorative object in its own right.

Available in three sizes, Mabhoga has the scent of wood fire, grapefruit & eucalyptus leaves.


H: 10cm

Weight: 500gr

Estimated Burn Time: 60hrs




Estimated Burn Time: 150hrs



Weight: 6.5kg

Estimated Burn Time: 400 hrs