Arthouse Unlimited Laura's Floral Candle

Arthouse Unlimited Laura's Floral Candle


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The Laura's Floral Organic, Plant Wax Candle (Wild Fig and Grape) is a candle contained within a glass beautifully decorated with Laura Tregellas’ delicate floral design in bright green, perfectly complimenting the fragrance of this scented candle. It is elegantly fragranced with wild fig and grape – a sweet, rich aromatic scent of luxury with comforting creamy milky undertones of the fragrant fig that will whisk you away to thoughts of paradise. It has no animal or paraffin-derived ingredients.

This organic plant wax candle has been made by hand in the UK specially for Unlimited. This not-for-profit collective strives to challenge perceptions and to create better acceptance and inclusion for all people living with disabilities.

The glass casing is completely reusable. Once you’ve finished burning the candle, just clean it thoroughly and use as a beautiful glass or vase.

Presented in a gloriously abstract gift box.

Made in the UK

Size: 20cl