Baobab Candle Feathers

Baobab Candle Feathers


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A sophisicated handpoured scented wax candle from Belgian luxury brand Baobab; its handblown glass vessels are stylishy simple and its fragrances offer an olfactory story inspired by faraway places.

One to suit everybody, Baobab's Feathers fragrance is a woody perfume with all-encompassing notes of delicate black rose and the strength of oud wood, an ode to the male-female duality. It is at the same time masculine and feminine, a romantic landscape both arctic and volcanic, like the balance of ying and yang, left and right.

What is oud wood? Oud (or oudh) comes from the wood of the agar (aquilaria) tree, from south-east Asia. The agar tree reacts to a particular mould by producing a dark, scented resin, often called 'liquid gold'. Both the resin, and the oil from it, are called 'oud'. Black rose is a rare fragrance, sophisticated and sensual.

The glass vessel showcases the artisans' mastery of glass – they have arbitrarily inserted black confetti details into the hand-blown opaque white glass to create the effect of black feathers dancing across the opalescent glass in a blend of alternating transparency and opacity.

More than just a candle, this is a unique and decorative object to introduce into your home.

Size: Max10 / Small / 1.35kg / 60hrs / 4 wicks / H:10cm

Warning: Contains: tetramethyl acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, formaldehyde cyclododecyl ethyl acetal, dl citronellol, 1,2,3,5,6,7-hexahydro-1,1,2,3,3-pentamethyl-4H-inden-4-one. May produce an allergic reaction. Dispose of with care; harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.