Baobab Candle Feathers Touareg Max16

Baobab Candles Feathers Touareg


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A sophisicated handpoured scented wax candle from Belgian luxury brand Baobab, whose handblown glass vessels are stylishy simple and fragrances offer an olfactory story inspired by faraway places.

The Touareg (or Tuareg) are a semi-nomadic tribe seen as lords of the Sahara Desert. They are known as the 'blue people', as the indigo dye they traditionally use for their clothes tends to stain their skin. The Feathers Touareg candle references the colour of this tribe's majestic appearance with its dark blue details. The Feathers Tourareg scent’s mint and jasmine notes conjure up visions of festive evenings around a fire, sipping tea, and taking in the various fascinating smells of Africa.

More than just a candle, Feathers Touareg is a unique and decorative object to introduce into your home.

Choose from these sizes:

  • Max10 / Small / 1.35kg / 60hrs / 4 wicks / H:10cm
  • Max16 / Medium / 2.2kg / 150hrs / 4 wicks / H:16cm
Warning: Contains linalool, geraniol, d-carvone, nerol. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Dispose of with care; harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects.