Baobab Ravintsara Lamba Candle

Baobab Ravintsara Lamba Candle


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This Ravintsara Lamba Candle is of exceptional Madagascan design, boasting vibrant colours and exquisite craft it celebrates everything Madagascar has to offer. Handmade by a women’s cooperative in Madagascar, these skilled artisans weave delightful leaf motifs embroidered with coloured raffia threads on a natural background. Such decoration gives off a wonderfully natural aesthetic that echoes the luscious flora of Madagascar.

When lit, this Lamba candle – whose name means, ‘the leaves’ in Malagasy - will enchant your interiors with an aromatic scent of ylang-ylang and salt flower. Baobab produce candles that combine a superb olfactory experience and the very best aesthetics in the design of the candle holders. More than just a candle, this is a unique, luxurious, and decorative object to introduce into your home.

Available in two different sizes: 

  • Small 
  • Medium


  • Small: H: 10cm 
  • Medium: H: 16cm

Weight: 1.53kg / 2.2kg 

Burn time: 60 hours / 150 hours 

Fragrance: Floral scented ylang-ylang and salt flower

4 wicks

Product Care: Always burn your candle until the whole surface becomes liquid. This step may take a long time, especially during the first burning. When the entire top of the wax is liquid, do not burn it longer than one hour. The top layer of liquid wax should never exceed one centimetre in height. Never burn your candle more than the maximum burning time indicated in the candle’s instructions. Never burn it down totally and systematically leave one centimetre at the bottom.