Beeswax Candles

Beeswax Candles


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These beautiful Beeswax Candle Pairs are carefully made using the ancient method of hand-dipping candles where one long, weighted wick is dipped into melted wax layer by layer. This process is then repeated by skilled artisans for each pair of candles, meaning that every pair is truly unique.

Made of sustainable beeswax from the UK and Africa, these candles will burn for longer than paraffin candles and burn beautifully clean with no added fragrance or colour.

Please note that as these are hand dipped, the dimensions may vary slightly for each candle.

Please choose: 

  • Thin Taper
  • Standard
  • Long Standard
  • Stubby
  • Giant Stubby

Dimensions in details.

Materials: Beeswax with cotton wick


  • Thin Taper - H: 230mm, Dia: 12.5mm
  • Standard Pair - H: 230mm, Dia: 22mm
  • Long Standard Pair - H: 350mm, Dia: 22mm
  • Stubby Pair  - H: 100mm, Dia: 45mm
  • Giant Stubby Pair  - H: 205mm, Dia: 45mm