Cloud Branche d'Olive Diffusers 200ml

Branche d'Olive Diffusers 200ml


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Elegantly bottled room diffusers from Oxfordshire-based Branche d'Olive, to fill your living spaces with the continuous scent of fragrances for up to two months.

Choose from the following fragrances:

  • Cloud - blackcurrant, fresh rose and violet with hints of soft vanilla and sandalwood. 
  • Feather - lemon geranium with mimosa and violet spiced with hints of nutmeg, warm musk, vanilla and sandalwood.
  • Garrigue - their signature fragrance, with notes of bergamot and citrus around aromatic lavender, thyme and sandalwood.
  • Neroli (formerly Green Fig) - the sparkling notes of orange and petitgrain combined with orange blossom and rose leaves a sweet woody trail.
  • Verbena (Verveine) - crisp green citrus with a floral heart of white jasmine, finishing on a soft musk base. 
Gift boxed.

Place the rattan sticks into the bottle of aromatic essence to enable the diffusion of the fragrance. Turn the reeds regularly. If you need to reduce fragrance density, remove a few reeds. To lengthen diffuser usage time, remove all reeds and re-stopper whilst on holiday or away for any significant period.

200ml glass bottle; approx. 10 rattan sticks