Branche D'Olive Room Sprays

Branche D'Olive Room Sprays


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These Branche D'Olive Room Sprays are the perfect way of bringing a touch of French chic to your interiors. Available in a variety of subtle yet beautiful fragrances, they are perfect for filling your home with scents of fresh florals and Mediterranean citrus fruits.

These room sprays are elegantly packaged in glass bottles that can be recycled after use, and Branche D'Olive's brand new packaging brings extra luxury and sophistication to such a perfect gift.

Please choose from the following fragrances:

  • Cloud
  • Feather
  • Garrigue
  • Neroli

Size: 100ml



Cloud – the popular fragrance, this is a delicious combination of blackcurrant, fresh rose and violet, with added notes of soft vanilla and sandalwood

Feather – an indulgent scent, lemon geranium, mimosa and violet are blended with hints of nutmeg, warm musk, vanilla and sandalwood

Garrigue – the signature fragrance, notes of citrus, bergamot and lavender are blended with thyme and woody sandalwood

Neroli – sparkling notes of orange and petitgrain are combined with orange blossom and rose for a sweet and woody scent