Burford's Church Candles

Burford's Church Candles


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Known as 'church candles', these classics have become an essential item for many households as well. Our Burford candles are handcrafted in Cornwall  – using the traditional 'drawing' and hand pouring techniques – from the finest quality blended mineral wax with vegetable oils, and a single cotton wick. The result is a glamorous candle with a long, luxurious burn.

Natural coloured, and unscented, and with an elegant marble finish, these superb pillar candles come in an array of sizes to fit just about every candle holder and serve just about every purpose. Perfect for adding traditional style to any room. From creating a soft light at supper to providing a glowing atmosphere at an evening gathering, from a stunning centrepiece at a wedding to iproviding illumination at a garden party or simly if the lights go out, we can see why these candles are favourites with our customers.

Available in the following sizes (diameter x height):
  • 3x5 (7.5cm x 13cm) – Burn time: 80hrs
  • 3x8 (7.5cm x 20cm) – Burn time: 100hrs
  • 3x12 (7.5cm x 30cm) – Burn time: 130hrs
  • 4x5 (10cm x 13cm) – Burn time: 100hrs
  • 4x8 (10cm x 20cm – Burn time: 120hrs
  • 4x12 (10cm x 30cm) – Burn time: 160hrs
  • 6x4 (15cm x 10cm) – Burn time:
  • 8x4 (20cm x 10cm) – Burn time: