Cire Trudon Room Spray Reggio (375ml)

Cire Trudon Room Spray Reggio


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Historic French candlemaker, Cire Trudon, has created luxurious perfumed candles in Paris since 1643. Travelling back to the origins of rare perfumes, the Reggio Room Spray from Cire Trudon is based around a single note: mandarin.

Brought back from Indochina in 1828, the mandarin tree has since prospered on the occidental banks of the Mediterranean Sea. Facing the Messina Strait, it sculpts the Calabrian landscape without a touch of bitterness. The mandarin’s softness hints back to ancient times when its essential oils composed an elegant, odorant grammar.

In a deep green, ridged glass flacon – handmade in Tuscany and adorned with gold leaf – paired with a glamorous bulb atomiser pump in gold, this alluring citrus room spray will add a touch of class to your dressing table or bathroom unit. A single spray will transport you to the summer warmth of Calabria, and the scent will linger in the air for hours.

Supplied in an attractive gift box.

Size: 375ml

Fragrance Notes:
Head: Grapefruit
Heart: Mandarin essential oil
Base: Mimosa

Capacity: 375ml

Dimensions: H:17cm, Dia: 7.5cm


Made in France