Cire Trudon Scented Candle – Spiritus Sancti 270g

Cire Trudon Scented Candle – Spiritus Sancti 270g


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Exceptional perfumed candle from France. Spiritus Sancti is a warm and heady incense scent, evocative of holy places and spirituality. 'Spiritus sanctus' is the Latin name for the Holy Spirit in Christianity. Poured by hand into a green, handcrafted Tuscany glass in the shape of a champagne bucket. Supplied in an attractive gift box.

Historic French candlemaker, Cire Trudon, has created luxurious perfumed candles in Paris since 1643.

Head Notes: Aldehydes, Incense Vapours
Heart Notes: Lily of the Valley
Base Note: Benzoin Resin, Labdanum

Made with the highest quality of natural vegetable wax made from soya.

H:10.5cm, Dia:9cm
Burn time:55–60 hours