Fornasetti Flora Scented Crystals

Fornasetti Flora Scented Crystals


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Fornasetti are renowned for their ability to transform the everyday into the artistic, and they certainly achieve that here with these distinctively Scented Crystals. A great alternative to candles and incense, they boast an exotic rich pink colouring, making them easy on the eyes as well as the nose.

Place them within a decorative bowl to create a unique piece of ornamentation and really harness their glorious aroma. They will slowly diffuse a luscious scent, evocative of the Italian garden. Notes of ivy, lily of the valley and white rose lighten the rooms atmosphere, whilst the fragrance continues to descend into an elegant blend of orange blossom and jasmine to add a rich aroma.

Please note that the bowl featured is not included.

Dimensions: 450g 

Fragrence Notes: Ivy, Lily of the valley, White rose, Orange blossom and Jasmine 

Safety Notes: 

  • Take care to avoid contact with skin or eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals.
  • Avoid contact with furniture and fabrics.