Geodesis 200ml Ambiance Diffusers

Geodesis Ambiance Diffusers 200ml


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Exquisite Geodesis reed diffusers created by a leading French perfumery with fragrances designed to evoke association with different geographical regions. They will refresh any room with their exotic scents. Elegantly packaged, they make a perfect gift.

Available in seven different fragrances:

  • Bergamot - Calabria. A citrus orchard fragrances, both floral and tangy, bergamot is an elegant and delicious Calabrian treasure.
  • Black Tea - China. A slightly fruity tea scent.
  • Clove Tree - Zanzibar. A spicy warm scent with an intense floral background, the clove-tree is reminiscent of the most legendary trading post, Zanzibar.
  • Fig Tree - Greece. A slightly acidulated fruity scent, combining the fragrance of the leaf, the sap and the fruit of the fig tree.
  • Jasmine - India. A full voluptuous floral scent with the aura of the Orient.
  • Neroli - Morocco. A sensual floral scent, fresh and slightly narcotic, symbol of pureness and eternal youth.
  • Patchouli - Sumatra. A woody aroma scent with a subtle hint of humus and underwood, derived from the precious leaves grown in Sumatra.
  • Tonka - Brazil. Gourmet hints of almond and vanilla, Tonka bean blends the intensity of cedar and sweetness of sandalwood.
  • Tuberose - Mexico. A floral suave and elating scent. The tuberose is a flower originating from Central America.
  • Verbena - Peru. A floral citrus scent, the verbena originated in the Andes mountains.


Please note, additional diffuser sticks (packs of 10) are available separately in store.