Noble Isle Fragrance Reed Diffusers - Willow Song

Noble Isle Fragrance Reed Diffusers


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These natural reed diffusers are made with Noble Isle's signature fine fragrance blends to continually radiate an evocative aroma throughout rooms. Fragrance enhances mood, triggers memories and creates a sense of place – which is why each Noble Isle fine fragrance has been carefully composed to take you on a journey, revealing layers of sumptuous scent.

Made in England and finished by hand, Noble Isle's luxury reed diffusers are steeped in a wonderful fragrance, imparting ambience, and giving a stylish accent to any room.

Available in the following fragrances:-

  • Willow Song - Lavenham Walk is an unreservedly romantic fragrance, reminiscent of floaty green florals and mellow woods;
  • Rhubarb Rhubarb! - A bittersweet fragrance evoking a dewy Yorkshire spring morning, with notes of juniper berry and muddled rosemary;
  • Whisky and Water - A rich fragrance redolent of the finest, oak-aged single malt, with warm vanilla and cedarwood on the nose.

Size: 100ml