Albanian Knotted Butterfly Cushion Grey Large

Albanian Knotted Butterfly Cushion Grey Large


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Born out of a fascinating collaboration between Albanian know-how and French inspiration, this astonishing, three-dimensional, hand-woven and hand-embroidered cushion cover was created entirely by hand in Albania where weaving has been a lively tradition for centuries. In the isolated hamlets of Dukagjin, a mountainous region in the north of Albania, women have been weaving knotted pile rugs from local wool for centuries, bringing warmth and colour to their households during the long and cold winters.

This not quite square wool cushion cover was designed by Nathalie Lété,  who lives and works in Paris. In her colourful, naive and poetic work she combines different techniques and mediums. She is inspired by her travels, vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals, and her world is nurtured by popular and folk art. Her work is close to being called ‘Art brut’ or ‘raw art’.

The resulting cushion cover has a cheerfully naive pattern of an oversized spotty flower and bright butterfly, made in thick wool knotted in relief on a heavyweight grey woven ground. The reverse is neutral, the same colour as on the front ground, and the cover has a zip closure.

Perfect as a large sofa cushion or floor cushion, it will bring colour to a living room or bedroom.

Materials: 100% wool

Dimensions: 50cm x 55cm

Care: Dry clean only

Includes feather insert