Birkin Throw

Birkin Throw


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Statuesque and majestic, a reclining nude (as blue as the Aegean) appears to hold the sun, rather as Atlas held the world in mythology. The classical illusion continues with the carefully positioned Grecian vase with its arrangement of beautifully overarching foliage. The composition is perfect; the design won a prize for the artist Tijan Tripkovic.

Whether seen as a remarkable wall hanging or a precious blanket, this throw fulfils the ambition inspiring the design: to take make an artform of a high quality, functional object. As such it is a striking, contemporary artefact designed by an artist, but hand woven in cotton rather than painted on a canvas.

Hang it on a wall in a breakfast or drawing room, so that its pattern can be appreciated as a work of art, or drape it over a sofa or bed to enjoy the rich folds of colour and the softness of the fringed textile. The effect will rejuvenate any interior. 


Material: 100% cotton

Dimensions: 178cm x 137cm (approx.)

Weight: CHECK

Care: Wash at a cool temperature on a gentle, wool cycle; tumble dry on a cool cycle or, ideally, hang out to dry naturally